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PEACE through PIE

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Why PIE?








PEACE through PIE is about finding ways to connect with one another, and to the commitment that we are stronger together. Our mission is to cultivate the values, skills, and experiences that our world is hungry for. Our Recipe for Peace is built on firm footing. We go beyond the surface of “kumbaya’ and wishful thinking by actively partnering with schools, diverse faith groups, businesses, and community organizations, to create programs and experiences that build and support a peacemaking culture.

The Ingredients

We cultivate a way of being by incorporating People, Peace of Mind, and Peace Pie, the 3 pillars (3P’s), in our PIE365 year-round approach to peacemaking.  This PIE365 approach enables us to broaden our awareness of community, learn to question our preconceptions, and to incorporate the power of food as a connector to achieving a whole-life balance that strengthens our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Take Action

Discover the three components below, that when integrated or held stand-alone, create the special sauce for your PIE365.

Pie Social

Grow Your Community

PIE Socials offer creative, year-round ways to reinforce that Peace Includes Everyone. The ideal PIE Social aspires to bring people together and celebrate the value and diversity in our communities.

Pie Connection

Expand Relationship to Self and Others

PIE Connection is an opportunity to listen and learn from each other. The ideal PIE connection focuses on a topic and aspires to build trust and create mutual understanding.

Peace Pie

Share Peace Pie

Peace Pie is a celebration of food and its power to bring people together. The ideal Peace Pie conveys the message of support, gratitude, kinship, and love.