What a time to collectively experience PIE - Peace Includes Everyone); we are truly all in this together. In the interest of all of our safety and wellbeing, we have chosen to rethink the Night of PIE 2020 fundraising experience, originally scheduled for April 21st, because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. We are repositioning the NIGHT of PIE 2020 Fundraiser to be presented as an interactive virtual tour and experience that you will be able to enjoy from the convenience of your home. Challenges bring opportunities to be resilient, forcing us to reimagine what's possible.  We've removed all sign ups and partnership links until we have all the new details together. But, to stay in-the-loop and receive updates, drop us an email at nightofpie@peacethroughpie.org. Peace be with you.

for the Non-Profit PEACE through PIE, and the Dependency Project, a historical in-the-works, student led Neil-Cochran House Museum exhibit, focusing on slavery and African-American issues around race and inequity

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Event will be a interactive virtual experience ONLINE


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For general information and Night of PIE 2020 sponsorship opportunities, please send your message to nightofpie@peacethroughpie.org
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Tour the Neill-Cochran House Museum and its Dependency quarters
Experience a historical orientation piece, entitled "If These Walls Could Talk," where through the eyes of Chlora and Ruby Virginia, you are prepared for secrets that unfold during your tour. Discover items throughout the house as you decipher clues from your treasure map. Engage with each Ginger Geyer porcelain piece, that brings each room and their residents to life. Come along with performing artist, actress and singer, Jennifer Cumberbatch, as she immerses you into the history of NCHM through her performance of "Shoeshine Man," an engaging dramatic storyteller who incorporates a Ginger Geyer sculpture, "Rise and Shine, as a touchstone during his tale. Take in the good vibes, for helping us uncover our shared history by supporting the Neill-Cochran House Museum's Dependency Project, and through nurturing kindness and acceptance in the greater Austin community by supporting and engaging in PEACE through PIE programs and experiences.

sweet & savory

pie sampling  *  pie chef competition  *  pie auction
Bid to win a pie from one of the top Austin pie chefs.~ Vote for the top 2020 pie winners in categories:

Sweetie pie - best sweet pie - satisfying
Savoring pie - best savory pie - because you savor every bite.
Beauti pie - appearance. I've got my pie on you.
Yum yum pie - OMG mouth watering
Artsi pie - artistry, originality and uniquely you
Night of PIE 2020 - you're the best of show


pie sampling  *  pie chef competition  *  pie auction
Bid to win a pie from one of the top Austin pie chefs.~ Vote for the top 2020 pie winners.

Chef, Terry Baylor

Midnight Bakery Catering

I'm a local guy from Austin who loves being around family, friends and community. I'll be submitting Pie Pops and Peach Cobbler.

Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef, William Ankeney

Tiny Pies

Tiny Pies is family owned and operated in Austin, Texas since 2011.  We bake our pies in small batches from scratch daily with the highest quality natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

Pie Chef Application PacketBe a Participating Pie Chef

art as pie

Bid to own one of the pie slices pulled from Ginger Henry Geyer original Sharing Slices,' a group of eight glazed porcelain pies: pecan, sweet potato, apple, chocolate, peach, cherry, key lime, and lemon meringue on china plates and silver-plated forks pulled from a baker's dozen

Night of PIE Sponsorship Opportunities

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities for Night of PIE 2020. This is a great opportunity to be associated with two great causes focused on building stronger inclusive communities. This will be a Annual fundraiser -- what a great way to get in on the first year. All interested should contact Leslie at (512) 585-8132 or email: nighofpie@peacethroughpie.org.


PEACE through PIE is a grassroots peace movement that started with the baking of a pie, by Luanne Stovall in 1995. The pie became a powerful reminder of food as a life source, and as a visual connective symbol drawing people to the 'table of brotherhood." We call this PIE -- Peace Includes Everyone; the belief that we are stronger together, than apart.

In 2009, PEACE through PIE became a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, and started on the path as a partner with schools, diverse faith groups, businesses, and community organizations.Today our programs and experiences expand awareness and understanding, and focus on developing the skills needed to build stronger communities. We believe, when people feel connected, empowered, and valued, they become nurturers and advocates for growing a community with strong, humanistic, cultural roots.

Your sponsorships and support of our organization directly provides value to our programs and experiences, and supports us, as we uplift other programs that share our mission. Our PIE365 (Peace Includes Everyone 365 -days-in-a-year) programs and experiences focus on incorporating peace into daily life. We've learned that people are hungry for reality-based ways to recapture their moral and ethical footing toward a more humanistic approach to our fellow man.

More info:  ptpie.org -  512 585-8132 - events@peacethroughpie.orgMailing address: 7421 Burnet Road #280 Austin, TX 78757

The Neill-Cochran House Museum's "Dependency Project" is a historical, in-the-works, student led Neill-Cochran House Museum exhibit, focusing on slavery and African-American issues around race and inequity. This exhibit will start with the 18th century  Spanish rule, move forward in time to Mexican independence, the Texas Revolution, statehood, and the Civil War. National dates such as 1780, when Pennsylvania emancipated the slaves, and 1850, when the slave trade was made illegal in Washington, DC will also be included. This exhibits brings new meaning to the dependency quarters that are behind the main house.

The Neill–Cochran House Museum (NCHM) is a historic home in north-central Austin, Texas designed and built in 1855 by Master builder Abner Cook.  NCHM designs events that compliment their permanent collection and exhibits. Programming extend around their interpretation of the social, political, aesthetic, and economic changes that former residents and Austinites alike saw across this city’s history.

More info: nchmuseum.org - open Wed-Sunday 1-4pm - (512)478-2335.Address: 2310 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705